Vancouver Art and Leisure is a radical artist-run society presenting art and leisure in unconventional spaces and ways.

The Vancouver Art and Leisure Society is a radical artist run organization devoted to presentation, programming, and advocacy of art and leisure in unconventional spaces and ways in Vancouver. We believe art and leisure should not be limited by space but by idea; presenting events in both professional institutions and nontraditional spaces, but always favouring the unexpected, the temporal, and the experiential. Our programming is site-specific from warehouses to art centres, public parks to festivals, with no scale nor scope too large. 

We present professional projects and happenings to the public with no discrimination in terms of artistic intent or discipline. We promote all realms of artistic, sexual and political expression both personal and external. We believe in growing artists of all disciplines through the highest caliber of programming possible. 

We envision a world class city with an innovative approach to art and leisure, breaking down barriers of access, providing meaningful connection, and knowledge sharing among the public and artists. Using both private and public spaces, we want to grow Art and Leisure in the city as an important aspect of city planning including developing initiatives for art and leisure on local, regional, and municipal levels. 

1. The name of the society is: 
Vancouver Art and Leisure Society

2. The purpose(s) of the society is (are):
(a) To promote art and leisure in Vancouver through programming, presentation, and advocacy. 
(b) To program art events in unconventional spaces by utilizing private, public and shared lands in collaboration with artists, the city, and the public. 
(c) To present professional artist projects to the public with no discrimination of artistic intent, discipline, and rank. 
(d) To present to the public events with no discrimination of political expression, gender, and sexuality.
(e) To present events that enrich the city’s cultural landscape through collaboration with artists and the public.
(f) To advocate for art and leisure in unconventional spaces as a benefit to artists, culture, and the public at large.
(g) To advocate for knowledge sharing about art and leisure, alternative events, and cultural agency among artist-run groups, the city, and the public. 
(h) To provide services and programming as developed by our membership.